Home Wired Wifi

Are you struggling to get a good connection?

In this diagram it shows that a WiFi router can only reach a certain distance (Taking into effect the structure of the house, i.e. Concrete walls or multiple storey buildings).

This means devices close to the router will receive fast consistent speeds whereas a device in a room at the end of the house may experience bad speeds or none at all.

That is where YLess4U's new service comes in; Home Wired WiFi.

With Home Wired WiFi YLess4U can install additional Access Points (AP's) in your house and wire them up to provide strong reliable internet to all parts of your house.

For more information please do not hesitate to call us on the Help desk number or send us an email.

$400 - Includes 1 x Hard Wired Access Point and installation.

$600 - Includes 2 x Hard Wired Access Point and installation.

If you require more than one Hard Wired Access Point, please call us to discuss further options.