Frequently asked questions

How does fixed wireless broadband work?

Fixed Wireless Broadband is the operation of wireless communication devices or systems used to connect two fixed locations (eg, building to building or tower to building) with a radio to a tower nearby. The point-to-point signal transmissions occur through the air over a terrestrial microwave platform rather than through copper or optical fibre; therefore, fixed wireless does not require satellite feeds or local telephone service. The advantages of fixed wireless include the ability to connect with users in remote areas without the need for laying new cables and the capacity for broad bandwidth that is not impeded by fibre or cable capacities.

What Equipment is required for your Wireless Broadband Installation?

A specialist radio will be installed on your roof pointing towards the tower close to you. Once the Radio has been fitted we run a cable from the roof into your house. This cable carries the signal from the Radio to the router (which we provide) and also carries power back up to the antenna to receive the signal. The router than wirelessly broadcasts around your home. We also are currently offering Hard Wired Access Points if you have a larger property. Send us an email for further information.

Can I choose the location of the router?

Absolutely - When we have you booked in for the install we ask that you are available for our technician to discuss things with you. This includes the location of the router and any further enquiries you may have. We recommend somewhere in the middle of the house to provide a better stable connection. This can be a kitchen or lounge room but the technician can help determine the best place.

How long does an installation take?

Depending on the job this may take up to 2 hours. We require you to be on site to allow access to our property and to assist the technician with location of the router and any further enquires. If the installation takes any longer our technician will update you and continue to install at a timely pace.

What do I need to get connected?

Well you're already on your way - All you need to do is to pop over to our Plans page and see what we have to offer. Than further down the page is our "Click Here" to get connected which will take you to our Expression of Interest (EOI) page where we ask that you fill everything out including your residential address and best contact information. Once you have submitted your form our technicians will use special software to ensure direct line of sight and ensure there are no large trees or hills that could cause any dramas. Once successful one of our lovely booking ladies will contact you and book a time for the install.

Can I use my own router?

Whilst we recommend our routers to ensure a solid connection we understand that many of our customers have their own router and wish to continue using that. We can provide a small power adapter that will power the radio. The cable that comes out of the wall plugs into the adapter port that has Data + Power and a separate cable will need to connect to the second port that connect to the WAN port of the router.

How soon can I use my connection?

Once we have confirmed that your service is stable and running and everything is to your satisfaction than you can use your service. If you however experience any issue or interruptions with your internet please let us know by giving us a call or sending us an email. All staff have access to emails so someone will be able to assist you swiftly. We understand that no internet can be a pain but we will try to get you back online as soon as possible. Any major outages will be listed on our Facebook Page or if possible via email. We will hopefully have the option of alerting outages to customers phones Via SMS and will address further when it's available.

I have little to no mobile signal where I live, will your wireless service still work??

Your mobile signal is not related to our wireless broadband network. Yes - if we confirm that your property can be covered by our service.

I have access to ADSL2 where I live, wont that be faster than wireless broadband?

No, not necessarily. Speeds will vary depending on the distance you are from the exchange and how many people are using the service at the time. Once you are over 3km from the exchange, speeds can drop down to around 1Mbps. Distance from you to your local Micro-pop has little to no effect online speeds. We have one of the lowest contention ratios of all providers, meaning we don't put as many users on our system so at peak usage times - you will be better off on a network with a low contention ratio.

Do I need to be there for the installation?

Yes, you or a nominated person over the age of 18 will need to be present for the duration of the installation.

Can you provide a home line as well?

Yes. We also provide voice over internet protocol (VOIP) services. You will need to change your home phone supplier when our service is installed, this is done by sending a copy of your most current phone bill to YLess4U and then we do the rest. Many of our customers have saved themselves money by dispensing with their landline.

Will I be able to achieve the speed of my plan at all times?

The quoted figures are max speeds which the connection is capable of on your plan - a term which is used by all internet service providers. There will be many users on the same line as you - that number being called the contention ratio. If many of the users are using the line at the same time - it becomes busy and slows down line speeds. Our Microwave Broadband network has been designed with one of the lowest contention rates in the market. Our belief is that our customers should have the best possible service, so you are less likely to experience a dramatic decrease in line speed during peak periods.